Racing 101

Welcome to Veloce Indoor Speedway, your premier indoor go karting facility. We’re glad you’re here. Before we can drop the green flag on racing today, we have a few safety items to go over. Safety is our first priority. We have a few rules and regulations to discuss that will ensure that you have best race experience possible. ​

Team building activities
Team building activities

What To Expect at Veloce Indoor Speedway

  • Once you’ve registered/booked your race, please enter the track area and wait for our track marshals to call you to the pit area.

  • Place any ITEMS (phone, keys, etc.) that you may be carrying in your pockets into bins at the kiosk for safe keeping. VELOCE is not responsible for any items with/on you that are lost or damaged while racing.

  • After entering the pit area grab a head sock and properly sized helmet.  Place the head sock on ensuring that it doesn’t IMPAIR your vision or breathing.  Finally place the helmet onto your head and fasten securely.

  • Once your helmet is securely fastened, VELOCE track marshals will guide you to the pit area and into your assigned kart. ​

  • Please be seated in your kart. Secure and tighten your seatbelt and any loose items on your clothing or ITEMS that you may be carrying. VELOCE is not responsible for lost or damaged items left unsecured while racing. ​

  • The set-up of the VELOCE karts is like that of a car. The accelerator is on the right and brake pedal is located on the left.  While racing, always rest your foot gently on the top of the brake. You should never use both pedals at the same time – this may cause the kart to shut down.  ​

  • If you get stuck on the track and need to back up, simply press and hold the reverse lever and the gas at the same time to reverse. Remember to always look behind you while in reverse to avoid collisions with other racers. Once you have cleared, simply release the reverse lever and continue driving normally.

Tip #1 - Be Smooth

Smoother driving and proper braking before each turn is much faster than sliding or drifting through the turns.

If your tires are sliding, you’re losing speed.

Tip #2 - Brake It

Slamming on the brakes too long or too late into a turn can cause a spin out or collision with the wall or other racers.

Remember to always brake before entering a turn

Tip #3 - Give Space

Allow yourself plenty of space on the track so that you can perform at your best and run your fastest lap times.

Please drive with caution and obey all traffic rules at all times.

Know Your Flags