Private Party Milwaukee | Come Party With Veloce!


Private Party Milwaukee | Forget about the water cooler – the adrenaline-inducing thrill of indoor racing is guaranteed to bring coworkers together through fast-paced competition and team building events. Veloce Indoor Speedway offers companies an amazing bonding experience at a very affordable rate. Booking one of Veloce’s indoor go kart tracks is the perfect way to create relationships between employees and make corporate events a hit!

Companies that book events at Veloce Indoor Speedway have the opportunity to enjoy private use of the track alongside the ability to fully customize the race structure for their event. Many companies enjoy Veloce’s flexibility in accommodating their group’s needs and creating the perfect indoor go kart experience for their employees.

A complete track rental for corporate events also comes with complimentary use of the corporate meeting room, creating, even more, opportunities for team building. The corporate room may also be reserved separately if the entire track is not reserved. Veloce’s professional staff is eager to accommodate any needs groups might have. Veloce Indoor Speedway is perfect for team building activities, corporate events, and birthday parties.

The benefits of indoor racing are numerous compared to traditional go karts. Veloce’s advanced indoor go karts provide the rider with snappier handling, and the electric motors are capable of attaining speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. There is a reason it’s called Veloce Indoor Speedway – Veloce means fast in Italian!

Nevertheless, our indoor go kart track makes safety a number one priority. This means that coworkers can feel free to have fun with friendly competition devoid of safety concerns.

Veloce Indoor Speedway boasts several professionally designed go kart tracks that are sure to give companies an amazing experience! Any company that chooses Veloce Indoor Speedway for their next event is guaranteed to enjoy fast-paced competition and come away with many great memories.

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