Private Party Knoxville | A Private Party Guests Won’t Forget

Private Party Knoxville | People enjoy go karting, it’s a great way for friends, family, and work colleagues to spend quality time together. It can be done on the weekend or a weekday evening after everyone finishes work or school. It can be done as part of a larger celebration in honor of someone’s birthday, graduation, promotion or just for plain old fun. Indoor go karting at Veloce Indoor Speedway can be enjoyed any time of day and for any reason.

The advantage of an indoor speedway track is that you are never limited by the weather. In fact, Veloce Indoor Go Karting track is the perfect place to go during rain or shine.

Veloce has one of the best indoor speedway tracks in Knoxville.  For individuals or big groups, Veloce also serves as a venue for birthday parties, team building activities, and other corporate events. The track can be booked for private parties. Locations in Milwaukee & Huntsville as well.

Indeed, there is no limit to the types of events for which the go kart race is appropriate. Married couples have held their reception at the go kart tracks. There is something about such a speedway that is open, accessible and welcoming to all. That is the thing about go karting: anyone can do it. Children (those over 48 inches tall), adults, and even seniors who have been cleared by a physician can get into a go kart and, well, go!

If you want to make your private party something special, if you want to ensure that everyone is able to get into the moment and have a great time, then you should hold it at the go kart track. You will not go wrong.

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