Plan a Last-Minute Birthday Party in Milwaukee

There are a few simple steps to planning a fabulous birthday party in Milwaukee. Align a few simple details, and you can plan the perfect party. What happens if you have very little time to plan but want the party to be extra special? With the right approach, you can still plan a party that will wow guests and leave them in awe.

These tips will help you plan a birthday party whether you have a month or an hour to plan.

Shop Local

It can be tempting to find the best bakery, caterer or decorator for the party. However, when time is limited you should utilize your local resources for the birthday party in Milwaukee. Some of the best bakers can be found inside local supermarket bakeries. Visit the deli for menu items or ideas for the party. Speak with the deli or bakery manager for ideas on how to make the cake and food unique for the occasion. Most orders are accepted with a turnaround time of a day, but it may be possible to find cakes, desserts, and food on the day of the party.

Simplicity is Significant

There are several simple steps to help you with décor and beverages. Use items you already have on hand to create centerpieces. Mix-matched centerpieces are beautiful and can be used sparingly throughout the party space. Serve a signature drink that is easy to make. Water infused with colorful fruit is always a splash. Serve the drink from a party fountain or several pictures throughout to allow guests to serve themselves.

Party On the Road

Take the party on the road, not literally. Plan the birthday party in Milwaukee at a local venue that offers exhilarating activities. Guests will enjoy the opportunity to experience fun and exciting activities, and you will enjoy the little effort required on your behalf. Scavenger hunts, interactive racing and sports, and paint parties are simple party ideas that many venues offer. Most venues have coordinators to assist with the details of parties, which makes it much easier to plan a birthday party in a small amount of time.

Contact Veloce Indoor Speedway for more information on how we can help you with your next birthday party. We host private parties, birthday parties, and special events. Our party coordinator will be happy to answer any questions and reserve the date for your party.