Guest List Etiquette for Your Next Private Party in Milwaukee

You’re tasked with planning a private party in Milwaukee and the list of things to do is growing. Parties are exciting to attend but the stress of planning can be overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges that most party hosts face is maintaining the guest list. You would love to invite everyone but your budget says otherwise.

Here are a few reminders for guest list etiquette to help you plan the perfect party.

  1. Give guests a specific number of friends/family they can bring to the private party in Milwaukee. Invited guests sometimes assume that their invitation includes friends, family, and co-workers. Indicate on the invitation if the invite is extended to a +1 or only the recipient of the invitation.
  2. List out names of those that are invited to the party. If you’re inviting more than one person from the same family or group, list out their names individually or give separate invitations. On the contrary, if the invitation is open to everyone, indicate the family name. For instance, the invitation might read, “The Hughes Family.” This opens the invite to anyone in the family and makes it difficult to control headcount.
  3. Indicate whether or not children can attend the private party in Milwaukee. If you’re hosting an “adults only” party, indicate it on the invitation. You can do this by stating that this an adult-only occasion.
  4. Include the deadline date for RSVP returns. Make sure to add the RSVP deadline to the invitation. Also include a clause that explains that spaces would only be available for those guests who RSVP. This should help to prevent any hard feelings when someone doesn’t respond by the deadline.

Consider hosting the event at a venue that can handle the overflow. There are usually a few extra people that show up to the party. A venue that offers activities and food service may be capable of helping with the overage in headcount.

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