Q: How do your race packs work? Can I buy an 8 pack to share with a group or my family?

A: Our race packs are for one racer, regardless of the race pack purchased. Our racing system requires each racer to have a race pack assigned to their racer profile.

Q: How many laps are in a single race versus packages?

Single Race is just that, 1 race. 3-pack (3 Races) 5-pack (5 Races) 8-pack (8 Races)

Milwaukee – Track 1 (12 Laps Adult / No Junior Races Allowed)

Milwaukee – Track 2 (14 Laps Adult / 12 Laps Junior)

Milwaukee – Super Track (8 Laps Adult / 5 Laps Junior)

Q: Do you have double karts?

A: No Double Karts. On that note, no lap riding and adult karts cannot be on the track at the same time as juniors

Q: What hours is the facility open, and what is the cost to race?

A: Please review your location page for specific hours and pricing.

Q: Is there a minimum height or age to race, and do you have to have a driver’s license to race?

A: Children at least 48” tall can race in our junior karts, while taller children and small adults will graduate to the adult karts when they are 58” tall. There is no requirement to have a driver’s license to race our karts, nor is there any minimum age limit.

Q: Are any kind of shoes required to race?

A: Yes. Due to the kart you will be operating, it is required that you wear closed-toed shoes in order to minimize any risk of injury.

Q: How long does it take to complete all of my races?

A: There are several variables that go into this, including how many races you purchased, the time of the day/evening, the facility load of racers, the expertise of the racers in the facility and how many races other people purchased. Rest assured that we will do everything possible to get you out on the track immediately. During a very busy Friday or Saturday night it would be common to take one and half to two hours to complete three races. If for any reason you don’t complete all of the races you purchase, your races will be saved in the system “bank” and will be available for you to use when you return to the facility.

Q: Will there be karts with hand controls?

A: Unfortunately, no. Although our manufacturer does make these types of karts, they do not carry the certifications necessary in the United States in order to obtain insurance for the operation of those karts. Because our lease and our loan documents expressly state that we must carry insurance on the karts at all times, we cannot legally operate these karts in the facility. We also cannot retrofit a kart in this respect after receiving it as that would void our warranty on the kart. We will continue to explore avenues to make this available if possible.

Q: Can I bring my own helmet?

A: Yes, you can bring your own FULL-FACE, DOT approved helmet to race.

Q: Can I bring my own kart to race at the facility?

A: No. We do not have this capability as our karts are all connected to a control mechanism that the race operator can use to ensure the safety of all racers. Because any outside kart would not be subject to the controller, and the safety of all racers is our priority, we can’t have outside karts race at the facility.

Q: Can I bring my Go Pro camera to record races at the facility?

A: Absolutely, yes

Q: Is there a Cancellation Policy?

A: We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your party or event for any reason, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your reservation to reschedule your event or your deposit will be forfeited.