Corporate Events | Activities That Help Bring Your Team Together

Corporate Events | Have a team that wants to put the “fun” in functional? Looking for a way to help people thrive in an environment that encourages some healthy competition while reinforcing the team spirit by giving them memories of laughter, excitement and camaraderie?

Bring your team down to Veloce Indoor Speedway and give them room to play! The indoor speedway has the perfect setup for a birthday party for kids and adults alike. There are simple controls so even younger kids can get behind the wheel and have the thrills of racing like their heroes. Adults can experience the rush of racing around the track like the pros and gaining the edge needed to continue to excel off the track.

Corporate events held at the go kart track allow the whole team to mix and mingle, building strengths for everyone and creating a more secure environment. Nothing makes people feel more connected than laughing together and this is the perfect place to do it! Team building activities come in all shapes and sizes, but sliding behind the wheel of a go kart and racing around the track puts the team ahead of the pack! It immerses the whole team in a cutting-edge activity that is so much more than a game of office trivia inside a stuffy office space!

Team building events build on the strengths of the team, encourage trust, give a healthy space for competition and help the group feel more together as a whole. Bringing the whole team, or birthday party, to the speedway, is second to none! There will be many smiles, lots of laughs and a stronger, more vibrant team spirit all around! Safety and security for all drives is something that is kept in mind, so don’t worry if someone hasn’t done this before! Drivers of all skill levels are welcome!

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 (Ve-low-chay) Italian for FAST!