Birthday Party Milwaukee | The Perfect Timeline for Planning a Birthday Party Milwaukee

Birthday Party Milwaukee | There should be a Party Planning 101 course offered in grade school to simplify the planning process. Until that happens, this timeline is perfect for planning a birthday party Milwaukee. Creating and following a timeline helps to relieve some of the stress associated with planning.

Stick to the guides of the timeline for the weeks prior to the party, and it should help to make planning easier and the party more enjoyable for guests in attendance.

Seven to Ten Weeks Prior

  • Choose a theme for the birthday party Milwaukee.
  • Set a party date and consider other events that may be taking place that day.
  • Reserve the venue and choose entertainment. You can choose an all-inclusive venue to make it easier.
  • Order invitations or set up digital invites.
  • Establish a budget.
  • Create a guest list.
  • Shop for gifts and party favors.

Three to Seven Weeks Prior

  • Mail invitations and double check that all the necessary information is included. Remember to include your phone number and any special instructions guests will need.
  • Set the party time around the schedule of the honoree.
  • Hire a decorator or shop for decorations and other supplies that may be needed for the party. Remember to choose favors for the guests. It’s important to give yourself enough time in case you need to order items online for the birthday party Milwaukee.

Two Weeks Prior

  • Select a menu.
  • Choose and order a cake or purchase the ingredients to bake one.
  • Decide which activities or entertainment to include at the party. A venue that offers interactive activities such as go-kart racing would be ideal entertainment.

One Week Prior

  • Follow-up with people who haven’t returned their R.S.V.P yet.
  • Confirm that all vendors are aligned and have no issues that need addressing.
  • Choose your outfit or what you plan to wear so you won’t waste time trying to decide on the day of the party.

Contact Veloce Indoor Speedway for more information on how we can help you plan your birthday party during the holidays or any time of year. Our professional staff is available to answer any questions you may have.