Birthday Parties in Milwaukee | Planning Parties at Speedway


Birthday Parties in Milwaukee, WI | Birthday parties are highly anticipated annual events. The least exciting part for the organizer can be planning the activities. Indoor speed race facilities put the fun in planning and partying. There are several advantages to planning your next birthday party at an indoor kart facility. Fun and excitement can be enjoyed by guests, and the party planner can relax and enjoy also.


Give Guests Something Different

Chances are most guests who attend birthday parties have a standing invite. This means they are in attendance each year and already know what to expect. Surprise them by giving them something different. Indoor karting and speed racing is enjoyed by both males and females. It’s a great way to spend a birthday and it gives guests a chance to enjoy themselves also. Here are a few ideas to spruce up parties that are hosted at indoor speedways. 


  • Send out racing themed invitations
  • Decorate the table or designated area with colors that are related to the racing industry
  • Include race themed treats or cakes for guests to enjoy
  • Use a backdrop that has a racing theme and take pictures as favors


Planners Get Relief from the Planning Process


Birthday parties can be hard to plan. Indoor speed facilities have planners available to help simplify the process. This allows the party planner to take a break from the intense process and enjoy the party more than usual. Plan months to weeks in advance and guests will enjoy a day filled with adrenaline and excitement that they will remember for a long time. Contact us TODAY 844-4-VELOCE!