About Us

Why Veloce

Veloce Indoor Speedway, premier go karting racing facility is an adrenaline-filled escape from your everyday stress. We understand that you have choices when determining where your entertainment dollars go, and we appreciate your business. We promise to provide you with an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations. We believe our racers have the best experience when their lap times are faster. To give you the best racing experience possible, our track marshals are available provide driving tips and racing recommendations to help you race past your competition.

about us
  • No Harmful Emissions

  • Faster Acceleration and Better Handling

  • No Toxic Gas Fumes

  • Indoor Track + Safe Flexible Barrier

Veloce Karts

Veloce’s go karts are the most sophisticated, safe and technologically advanced karts available. Our go karts are part of the Storm Series ProKart Evo model manufactured by OTL Electrokart in Vacil, Italy (a small town located near the village of Venice, Italy). Veloce’s go karts are capable of reaching speeds up to 50 MPH and they’re equipped with various accessories making the driving experience like no other. The Storm series ProKart Evo comes with an AC electric motor, differential, reverse gear, two self-ventilated disk brakes, remote radio controller with 4 speeds, complete protection of the mechanical parts with a monocoque* and a shaped-footboard. Our go karts have serious torque and are a thrill for racers of all ages.

*Monocoque, also known as structural skin, is a structural system where loads are supported through an object’s external skin, similar to an egg shell.

Storm Series ProKart Evo model


Junior Karts

Please note that for the safety of our customers, junior racers (children over 48 inches tall and under 56 inches tall) and adults will not race together on the same track, ever. Our junior go karts near speeds of 25 MPH.  We strive to create an amazing racing experience while keeping everyone safe!


Milwaukee, WI