Private Parties | Veloce – Italian for FAST!

Private Parties | Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to drive fast, really fast, much faster than you are allowed to on a public road? This experience can be yours at Veloce Indoor Speedway track. Go-karting is a thrilling adventure. It is a great way to spend a weekend or evening with family, friends, or all by yourself.

One of the great things about go-karting as a sport is that it requires absolutely no experience. If you are new to it, you can enjoy it just the same. Anyone, including children (as long as they are over 48 inches), can enjoy racing around the go-kart track. An indoor speedway provides the added flexibility of enjoying yourself even when the weather is not so good.

A go kart track is also a place to hold special events. If you are looking for different vendors for private parties, a birthday party, high school graduation, team building activity, or another corporate event, then you should look at the advantages offered by a go-kart race track.

Veloce has one of the top indoor speedways in Huntsville, Milwaukee and Knoxville. People of varied purposes and compositions have held parties at this track. Veloce takes pains to cater to the needs and requirements of those who want to do something special at the go-kart track.

There is something about Go Kart racing that ordinary people tend to get into. The ability to drive fast safely, and to do it in both a competitive and playful manner, is attractive to most people. Those who you invite to your event will probably get into the spirit of the track, and even if they are beginners at Go Karting will want to try it.

Your event is more likely to be a success if there is an activity at the center of it that everyone can enjoy. Come down TODAY to find out more information about Veloce Indoor Speedway. Call us at 844-4-VELOCE or contact us