Veloce Indoor Speedway is Milwaukee’s premier indoor go kart racing facility. With two tracks to choose from, we are your adrenaline-filled escape from your everyday concerns. We understand that you have choices when determining where your entertainment dollars go, and we appreciate your business. We promise to provide you with an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations.  We believe our racers have the best experience when their lap times are faster. ​

​To give you the best racing experience possible, our track marshals will provide driving recommendations, such as the best line around the track and proper braking areas, to make your lap times faster.​

Monday – Thursday

11AM – 10PM


11AM – Midnight


10AM – Midnight


10AM – 8PM

Adult Pricing

$18 Single
  • Annual License = $6
  • 3 Pack = $45
  • 5 Pack = $69
  • 8 Pack = $99

Junior Pricing

$14 Single
  • Annual License = $6
  • 3 Pack = $36
  • 5 Pack = $59
  • 8 Pack = $88

Mini Grand Prix


Grand Prix

  • *Fan Favorite*

Super Grand Prix

  • Once you’ve registered/booked your race, please enter the track area and wait for our track marshals to call you to the pit area.
  • Place any ITEMS (phone, keys, etc.) that you may be carrying in your pockets into bins at the kiosk for safe keeping. VELOCE is not responsible for any items with/on you that are lost or damaged while racing.
  • After entering the pit area grab a head sock and properly sized helmet.  Place the head sock on ensuring that it doesn’t IMPAIR your vision or breathing.  Finally place the helmet onto your head and fasten securely.
  • Once your helmet is securely fastened, VELOCE track marshals will guide you to the pit area and into your assigned kart. ​
  • Please be seated in your kart. Secure and tighten your seatbelt and any loose items on your clothing or ITEMS that you may be carrying. VELOCE is not responsible for lost or damaged items left unsecured while racing. ​
  • The set-up of the VELOCE karts is like that of a car. The accelerator is on the right and brake pedal is located on the left.  While racing, always rest your foot gently on the top of the brake. You should never use both pedals at the same time – this may cause the kart to shut down.  ​
  • If you get stuck on the track and need to back up, simply press and hold the reverse lever and the gas at the same time to reverse. Remember to always look behind you while in reverse to avoid collisions with other racers. Once you have cleared, simply release the reverse lever and continue driving normally.

Veloce, Milwaukee’s premier indoor go karting facility, offers TWO TRACKS for double the thrill! Veloce’s go karts offer heart pounding acceleration on long straightaways, and incredible navigation in tight turns on our professionally designed track. Experience the thrill of driving Veloce’s fast karts, today! 

Veloce’s go karts are the most sophisticated, safe and technologically advanced karts available. Our go karts are part of the Storm Series ProKart Evo model manufactured by OTL Electrokart in Vacil, Italy (a small town located near the village of Venice, Italy). Veloce’s go karts are capable of reaching speeds up to 50 MPH and they’re equipped with various accessories making the driving experience like no other. The Storm series ProKart Evo comes with an AC electric motor, differential, reverse gear, two self-ventilated disk brakes, remote radio controller with 4 speeds, complete protection of the mechanical parts with a monocoque* and a shaped-footboard. Our go karts have serious torque and are a thrill for racers of all ages.  Learn More about Veloce.

​*Monocoque, also known as structural skin, is a structural system where loads are supported through an object’s external skin, similar to an egg shell. ​


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Indoor go kart

Private Parties

Veloce is the perfect place to celebrate! Party rooms available for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more.

Indoor go kart | Milwaukee, WI

Corporate Events

Drive your team’s engagement at Veloce! Private meeting spaces for team building, corporate meetings, and events!

Indoor go kart | Milwaukee, WI

Racing 101

For first time racers, Racing 101 is your key to an awesome race experience. We’ll show you everything you need to know.

Indoor go kart | Milwaukee, WI

Arrive Drive

Race now! Open seven days a week.
No Reservations required.
Adults and Juniors 48″ and Up

Indoor go kart | Milwaukee, WI

Race Now!    Open 7 Days a Week

No Reservations Needed

Adult Pricing

$18 Single
  • Annual License = $6
  • 3 Pack = $45 (save $9)
  • 5 Pack = $69 (save $21)
  • 8 Pack = $99 (save $45)

Junior Pricing

$14 Single
  • Annual License = $6
  • 3 Pack = $36 (save $6)
  • 5 Pack = $59 (save $11)
  • 8 Pack = $88 (save $24)
  • Adult Kart Racers – Must Be 58″ Tall to Drive

  • Junior Kart Racers – Must Be 48″ Tall to Drive

  • All racers must wear CLOSED TOE SHOES


Must have 6 or more racers